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We can supply containers and packing materials

  • Domestic and commercial freight
  • Door to door service
  • Insurance available
  • Specialist packing long term or short term storage
  • Plastic covers & paper available
  • 20ft containers
  • Container Storage Lockable
  • Porta robes (for hanging clothing)
  • Wine cartons
  • Heavy duty cardboard cartons
  • Professional packers
  • Lampshade cartons
  • Picture cartons
  • Book cartons
  • Custom made crates 

Container storage is the more economical way to go. Once your goods are loaded they are not handled until they are redelivered. This nearly halves the cost of transporting and storing goods in a conventional storage facility.

  • 20ft (will hold a smaller 3 bedroom home)
  • Containers suitable for domestic and commercial use
  • Containers stored on our premises
  • Long-term or short-term
  • Country or interstate
  • We can also hire you containers for your own use on your own property




We can accommodate up to 35 households in our long-term storage facility, and have room for short term or daily holding.

Our storage facility is a modern shed with a gable roof to minimise heat fluctuation. We do not have individual storage sheds and do not allow the public to come and go; the only people we permit in our storage facility is our staff. This means a high level of security is maintained with the monitored alarm system and the fact that we live on the premises you can be assured that your goods are being looked after. If you require access to your goods, we can arrange storage with one of the many self-storage facilities in the area you require.

Removalist Insurance
The general belief is that removalists automatically insure your goods, this is not true, therefore, we must know that you understand that we will take the utmost care of your goods but will not be held responsible for any damage to your goods or property, or property you direct us through. However, we do carry a major perils insurance up to $250,000-00 - this is for a major type road accident only.

If you require full cover transit Please call 1300 880 253 or use this link on the day of the move.

Storage Insurance
We can offer you an insurance package to cover your goods; this is a storm and tempest type insurance. You do not have to insure your goods but it is in your best interest to do so.

In the event of a fire or explosion, if the investigation found that something you have asked us to store caused damage to other people's goods or our shed you may be liable for their goods and our shed. Please note the policy we offer does not cover this type of event.

Storage insurance premiums: we can only insure your goods for a minimum of 12 months and there is a $250-00 excess on all claims.

To comply with the flood clause in the insurance contract, we place all goods 100mm above the natural floor level. This also gives us a good space to place vermin bait and spray for crawling insects.

Ideas for storing your goods
You need to take time to consider what you may need, as goods packed into store are not very accessible. There is no exception to our rule that we do not allow any person other than an employee of Victor Harbor Removals to enter our storage facility. Any item that you may require from store will involve a charge; this can be very costly if it is deep within the load.

Things to remember if you are building a new house: you may need the dimensions of some items of furniture (fridge/washing machine). If you have purchased items to be fitted to your new house you should advise our staff and we can arrange to have these placed at the front of the load and we can deliver them to your builder at your request. We also suggest that you remove all explosive and corrosive items (batteries, pressure pac cans etc) and do not store any foodstuffs. We recommend that you wash all food storage containers. Washing machines and dishwashers should be drained (even the hoses) and the inner and outer bowls of washing machines should be secured to avoid possible transit damage. If in doubt, check with your machine's service division. Refrigerators should be thoroughly cleaned with hot soapy water and a little bleach.

When packing cartons take into consideration that not all heavy cartons can be placed on the floor and it is better to completely fill a carton because over time a half full carton may collapse under another carton. Label all your cartons clearly on both sides and keep a checklist handy for easy reference. Stack bins and buckets inside one another.

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